How to create a project schedule on Mac, A review of Omni Plan 3

Today, I have to create a project schedule for my proposal, but I don’t have a Microsoft project or Primavera P6 installed on my company’s laptop. I have been using Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 more than 10 years, so it’s quite hard for me to create a good project schedule without these tools / program. Even though I can use Microsoft Excel to do a simple gantt chart, but it’s hard to do resource planning on worksheet. So I decided to find out on Mac.

I just take my Mac, then trying to find out on App store, hoping that there will be a good app that I can use to. There are some option, but I just picked up Omni Plan 3.

OMNI Plan 3

Screen shoot Omni Plan 3 on App Store

Advantages of Omni Plan 3

Why did I choose to install Omni Plan 3? I have some good reasons:

  • the first reason is that I can try this app, trial mode, for 2 weeks. This means, I have enough time to review and try this app.
  • It’s interface and feature almost similar to Microsoft Project, which I already familiar with.
  • You can try “Professional feature” within your “trial mode”
  • Can can have a activity schedule / planning, and resources planning as well.

You can see the schedule that I created using OMNI Plan3. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Screen capture – Project schedule created using OMNI plan3

I have made a video to show you the feature of Omni Plan 3 as follows

Omni Plan3


After I have completed my project schedule, I can summarized Omni Plan3 as follow:

  • Omni plan 3 gives a trial mode, which is 2 weeks for us to try it’s feature
  • Omni plan interface is easy to use, and user-friendly, especially who are using Microsoft project
  • Omni plan can do activity planning with very handy interface, you just need to drag and hold to link the activity
  • Omni plan can help you to do resources planning, including resource leveling.

So, why don’t you try Omni plan3 on your mac to help you creating project plan? If you love it, you can buy it.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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