How to Create a Project S-Curve ?

Project S-curve is one of popular measurement tools to monitor the project status.

An Scurve is a project management tool that tracks progress over time and allows for a quick visual to determine project status.

How to create simple project s-curve is not so difficult. There are so many tutorials and templates on how to make this thing.

In this article, I am going to share how do I create project S-Curve as shown below.

Step 0

At the end of this article, I put the video how it was made. (Jump to video)

What are the steps?

1. Create a plan and progress table

As the first step, we have to make the table that contains period, cumulative plan, cumulative actual, incremental plan, and incremental actual.

Step 1 Create Plan Progres Table

2. Select chart type

Next step is selecting for the chart type.

Step 2 Select Chart Type

3. Modify into combo chart

Since I want to show the cumulative and incremental value shows together in the same chart, thus I have to select combo chart.

Step 3 Create Plan Progres Table

4. Customize combo chart

In this step, you can customize combo chart such as : Maximum axis value, major/minor unit, etc.


5. Format cumulative and incremental axis titles.

Next step is formatting the axis titles.

Step 5 Formating Axis

6. Positioning the chart legend

Since not everyone understand what we are showing in the S-Curve, we have to put legend in our chart. You can positioning the legend at the top/bottom or right/left side.

Step 6 Legend

7. Showing data table

Sometimes, we have to show the data table also.

Step 7 Data Table

8. Finishing – Touching up

This last step is final step, touching up. You can modify the background color and so on.

Step 8 Finishing

Here is the video that showing these steps.

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