How can I change the position of extended monitor

Today, I reorganize the stuff stacked on my desk. Collecting some papers and shifting the monitor position from my right side to the left side.
After that, I turn on my laptop and get it connected to the monitor. I usually work by the extended monitor. It means that I use two monitors, laptop’s monitor (monitor 1) and the additional monitor (monitor 2).


Illustration : Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

I just realized at that time, something has changed. When I click and drag the application window to the right side, it doesn’t work. It usually moves from monitor 1 to monitor 2, but it won’t work.

I start to think, there is must be a way how to change the location monitor 2 from right side to the left side. Then I can drag to left side rather than the right side. Considering the monitor position has been changed.

I start to search on how doing it. How it works? Please follow the steps below. Here are some steps that I’ve tried (Captured from YouTube video that I’ve made):

1. Select the option to connect – select extend



2. Show desktop, right click in the blank area


3. Select Display settings


4. It shows display setting. As we can see that monitor 2 (external) is located besides monitor 1 (laptop)


5. Click on monitor 2, hold it, move it to the left side


6. Click Apply button, then closed it


7. Try it, click and drag the window that you want to be placed in monitor 2, now I can see the windows can passed.


That’s it, you can check to the YouTube video that I’ve made for this.

Maybe for some others, can be done with.

Right click on the desktop, then click display setting. We can positioned the monitor at the top or below, it’s depend on what we want.


I hope this can help you. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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